The Tom and Jack Podcast

Wear a Coat When You Go For a Walk

October 12, 2018

Don't look Tom & Jack into the sun. You've cast your plans but you're on the run and all the lies you said, who did you save? Sean(n) Walsh, speeding partners, Chief Constable Babe & eyebrow touchery. Join us as we sit in an internet cafe, crying. There's Here's a Thing What Annoyed Me This Week, Why Did I Google That?, War of the Worlds, Zoella's latest book in Vloggers Gone Wild and a corner of etymology. Sit down, be quiet and obey the law. And for God's sake don't touch my boot.  Originally broadcast 12/10/2018.


Here's the pitch video for Soft Lad Gyms Inc. (SLG)

And here's Tom's thing documenting the whole thing

Here's our INFAMOUS application for Hunted

Read Tom's full application for the Apprentice here. 

Here's us learning to cook with Zoella. 

Watch Japanese House Cafe 

Interview we done